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Broken heel? Your soles are run down? Or your boots aren’t water resistant any more? Or is it just time for a allround shoe service? Well then you are perfectly right here – COBBLER24 – your personal cobbler. We deliver easy to use shoe repair directly to your door, no matter where you are.


Do you live in Austria, Germany, or BeNeLux? Well then you are in luck! Does not matter if you live in Berlin or Vienna, we can offer you our 24 hours shoe repair service. Just order online and we will take care of the rest.


In a world that’s driven by consumerism, we are the ones that carry on a profession which people still need. The shoe cobbler was the job that required skills and dedication for centuries. When somebody buys a pair of shoes, they expect them to last.


However, no matter the quality and art craft of the shoes you buy, they don’t last forever. Therefore, instead of throwing them and buying new ones, why not try to restore their glory?


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We are here to carry on the tradition of shoe  repair and make your shoes shine again like they’re brand new!

Cobbler24 is a premium repair online center, that blends the old art of the shoe cobbler with the opportunities of the online medium. We are here to help you save money and the environment, while offering you optimal solutions for repairing the shoes you love


We know that in the 21st century people live in fast forward and think that shoe repair is expensive and time-consuming. But think about it! Let’s imagine you purchased a limited edition pair of shoes from a luxury brand. Are you really willing to say goodbye to them for a small defect? What guarantees you that you’ll find them again on the market? Be smart and give your shoes the opportunity to shine again like on the first day you put them on your feet! We assure you that our shoe repair services are way more costefficient than buying a new pair of shoes. Here is what Cobbler24 can do for you:


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Schuhe versenden oder abholen lassen

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Schuhreparatur und Schuhpflege von Schuster Experten

Shoe repair & shoe care

Schuhe direkt zu Dir nach Hause

Deliver to your home

Cobbler24 is a unique online shoe repair service platform. We started in a traditional cobbler shop in Vienna, back in 1970, and we evolved naturally during all these years, adapting to the evolution of technology. Our shoe repair specialists work only with premium quality materials to restore the beauty of your shoes. Our platform is user-friendly and you can easily send us your shoes, while our cobblers will repair them as fast as possible, depending on the shoe model and level of damage. We offer you quick shipping services and top quality art craft. Contact us now!