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Our promise

Personal cobbler
at your disposition

We’re here for you 24/7, because we know consistency builds trust. We connect directly. You can call, email or use the contact form on our website and an actual person will always be ready to answer your enquiries. We’ll strive to understand more of your needs and where you’re coming from. And only after we’ve listened carefully, will we invest our decades worth of cobbling experience to breathe new life into your old shoes.

Expect us to be honest at any given time. We’ll give our best to fix your footwear and we’ll also let you know when repairing is less of an option.

We celebrate your individuality. One that centers you and factors in the digital revolution, at the same time. And we adapt. We keep up. We transform and we suggest out-of-the box solutions. With each moment of today, we build tomorrow’s agile cobbling service.

our heritage


Time flies so fast when passion is your drive. And though we are the 3rd generation of cobblers in the family, memories of my father and grandfather are more vivid than ever. Every happy client brings them back.

For me, the dearest of these memories is this: at some point in my life, when I was about to try another startup, my father asked me to take over the family business. What determined me to continue as the 3rd cobbler in our family was the following childhood memory. This man, about 50, came by to pick up his shoes. When he saw them repaired, sparkling like new, he was so impressed that he immediately hugged my father with teared eyes, as if forgotten happy moments were broadcasted right in front of him.

To see you happy in your shoes – that is what drives me as a cobbler. And that is why I so much wanted to make our craft available via this online service: so that you can also experience this joy and live new stories in your own shoes.

your personal cobbler