Our Promise

We’re your premium shoe repair service

We enable skilled cobblers and state-of-the-art technology to fix your favorite shoes. Or any kind of shoes, for that matter.

We’re here for you 24/7, because we know consistency builds trust. We connect directly. You can call, email or use the contact form on our website and an actual person will always be ready to answer your enquiries. We’ll strive to understand more of your needs and where you’re coming from. And only after we’ve listened carefully, will we invest our decades worth of cobbling experience to breathe new life into your old shoes.

Expect us to be honest at any given time. We’ll give our best to fix your footwear and we’ll also let you know when repairing is less of an option.

We celebrate your individuality. One that centers you and factors in the digital revolution, at the same time. And we adapt. We keep up. We transform and we suggest out-of-the box solutions. With each moment of today, we build tomorrow’s agile cobbling service.

And we do it all while you’re at home. With care and skill, we craft your fast paced, modern experience, making sure you enjoy each step of the way.

You’ll feel comfortable and strong in your own shoes again. That’s our promise.

The Cobblers

For the past decade, cobblers have gotten fewer and fewer. But this wasn’t always the case. A century ago, when drones and internet were not even a prospect, a passionate, young man dared to dream with diligence. Did he know back then that his love for manufacturing shoes would spread over three generations? Of course not. He just worked hard to turn ambition into truth. And when the time came, he passed it further to his son who kept on going.

Today, COBBLER24, led by CEO Ovadia Jagudaev, is disrupting the family’s 3-generation legacy. Preserving the long-lasting flair of shoe repairing and with respect to the secrets of authentic craftsmanship, COBBLER24 adds cutting edge technology to craft you a unique experience.

It’s a journey of becoming out there. Some of us create virtual realities and artificial intelligence programs. Others build self-driving cars, smart wallets and literally reach for the stars. So, we tune in, pioneering new methods of cobbling.

Our up-to-date COBBLER24 dreams are bolder than ever. Together, we strive to make a lasting difference and become the world’s largest shoe repair company. We all love shoes, here. And plan to fix 4 000 pairs a day. By 2019! We have both the framework and the capacity to make that happen.

Here, at COBBLER24, we’re social. And friendly. We join the movements our creed fits into and bring positive impact in our communities. We choose quality over quantity. Whether we’re talking about the #SlowFashionMovement or changing your shoe lift.

But, above all, as your personal team of cobblers you can count on us being here for you. 24/7. With outstanding customer service. Or on our blog, where you’ll find tips and tricks on how to properly wear your shoes. And how to feel good in them, from health to comfort.

Cobbler24 Impact

Our impact is our contribution to today and our surroundings.

  • We aim for a borderless world. Despite demographic limitations, we’re planning to reach for 500 000 Drop-Off Stations in the EU alone.U.
  • Despite the dramatic decrease in the number of physical cobbler stores worldwide and their fixed schedule, we provide 24/7 online shoe repairments. Because we walk our talk. And that’s our promise to you.
  • We know how you’re always on the run, because most of the times, we are too. So, we’ve built this fast and easy online order process to repair your shoes from the comfort of your home.
  • We believe in a world where being part of a greater creed is an assumed duty. Thus, we ourselves invest in high-quality products rather than trendy shoes which only last a season. We’re deeply aware of today’s challenges, but cutting costs is not always the real bargain. So, we fight against planned obsolescence and poorly constructed shoes with short life expectancy.
  • Moreover, our surroundings are important to us. Repairing your shoes is, ultimately, a form of recycling, thus environmentally wise and sustainable.
  • Here’s our certainty: only together with you can we have a real impact. Because walking in someone’s shoes for a mile or two can work wonders for building the world we’ve been envisioning.


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