Feel the love of always walking in your favourite shoes.

Order Online

The first step of your shoe repair journey starts with our Online Repair Configurator. By making your repair selection you will let us know exactly how you want your shoes to be treated. You can start a repair configuration right here!

Easy Shipping

Once you placed your order, put the shoes in a box, attach the printable shipping label to it and bring it to one of our Drop-Off Stations.
If you live in Vienna, you can also let Veloce pick up your shoes at a desired time. It’s fast and easy.

Highest Quality

Our experienced cobblers will find the best solution for your repair, so don’t be surprised if your shoes will look even better than you expected. We put a lot of work and high quality materials in each repair. Check out some before and after photos.

Delivery to Your Home

Once your repair or cleaning is complete, we will ship them to your doorstep. We know how much you missed your favourite pair, so you will be able to enjoy it immediately!



The things we truly love will always stand the test of time. No wonder that the passion for cobbling runs in our family for three  generations! And each generation writes a new chapter of the story. Mine is about making this rare art available to you, out there.


Combining new technologies with timeless craft, we grant you a fully-tailored cobbling experience. Because we know that shoes are so much more than shoes: they are faithful companions of your dearest moments in life. And that’s why they deserve to stand the test of time.

your personal cobbler


Before and after

Standing the test of time

Before and after

Standing the test of time

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